Sunday, April 10, 2016

DuSense LLC - Who We Are

DuSense LLC - Who We Are

DuSense LLC was established in Dubai UAE July 2014 by Mike Shaw, a UK Instrumentation Technologist with more than 40 year’s experience of major construction and oil and gas projects worldwide, Mike’s broad project background enables the business to provide customers with highly professional level of support for your measurement and monitoring requirements.

Our Mission:

Our motto ‘’Sensing Safety for the Middle East” reflects our main objective is to provide sensors, systems and services of the best quality for every project which can accurately verify key Plant, Buildings and Infrastructure are built and perform reliably within their safe limits.

DuSense LLC maintains a strong focus upon utilization of the latest sensor technology to measure Load, Strain, Pressure, Temperature Deformation, Movement, Settlement –  we provide, a unique supply portal, a specialist testing service, and consultancy for many of the regions Civil, Marine, Geotechnical and Structural Engineers.  We partner with several global companies to ensure we can satisfy the needs of our customers.

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