Sunday, April 10, 2016

Business Partnership of DuSense LLC and Mantracourt Electronics

March 21, 2016, a Partnership Agreement had been signed by DuSense LLC based in Dubai, UAE and Mantracourt Electronics in UK.

Mantracourt Electronics had been renowned as Experts in Strain Gauge Signal Conditioning, Wireless Data Acquisition & Load Cell Measurement worldwide. DuSense LLC on the other hand is also a specialist in the same field only based in the UAE. The recent partnership is a start of something great for both parties to innovate and constantly develop products and technologies for many industries.

When the opportunity arose I had no hesitation to go ahead – we’re extremely pleased to be Including their range of products to our company profile. Mantra’s history in Strain and Load Measurement began about the same time as mine so with our combined knowledge and contacts we are anticipating good success together in the Middle East market. ” – M.B. Shaw, GM, DuSense LLC

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